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Von Dutch


Von Dutch

Cost: $2.00 16 oz

Taste: 6.5

Power: 7.5

The good stuff: Taurine, Caffeine, Inositol


  Well, it’s like Rockstar.  Seriously…this stuff tastes pretty much exactly like Rockstar Energy drink….as a matter of fact, the can says it’s “Produced under the authority of RKSTR”.  Now there are some slight differences, but over all, the base flavor is the same.  The main thing I notice about Von Dutch however is that it has lost a bit of the sharpness that Rockstar has.  After a few drinks there is almost a creamy smoothness to it once you get past the carbonation….hell, I might go as far as to say I like it MORE than Rockstar.  There is something slightly more refined about the flavor…it’s a bit more balanced, and hence a bit easier to drink.  Also, once Von Dutch starts warming up a bit it does not get nearly as hard to drink as Rockstar does…which is a very good thing.  For those of you out there who have not tried Rockstar and are still wondering what the HELL Von Dutch taste like it’s kind of hard to describe really.  Take a Red Bull.  Ad a bit of cough syrup…a hint of vitamins, and maybe a dash of something creamy to smooth it all out…and there you go.  Bizarre?  ….yes.  Different?  ….definitely.  Works?  …..oddly enough, yup.

  Now before I posted my Rockstar review I used to get TONS of e-mails asking to do a write up on it.  Either there are a lot of people who enjoy it, or there are a lot of people who were afraid to try it.  That being said, Von Dutch is either going to make you really happy, or give you something else to be curious about.  Try one and you pretty much have a grasp on the other.  Like one and odds are the other will work as well.  As far as the power goes it’s again quite similar to Rockstar.  Von Dutch gives you a very noticeable kick after about a third of a can…by the tine you get done with the entire thing you will be happily awake and alert.  At about 80mg of caffeine Von Dutch is quite acceptable yet not so strong that it makes you jittery or nervous.  The biggest issue I have with Von Dutch however is that it seems to wear off pretty fast.  It makes a damn good pick-me-up, but it’s not something I would use for late night partying.  Try using this to keep you awake and you might find yourself more tired after it wears off than you were beforehand.

  Overall Von Dutch is a pretty OK drink.  If you need something different and are looking for a quick pick up, give it a shot.