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Rip It Power


Rip It Power

Cost: $1.00 16 oz

Taste: 7

Power: 6.5

The good stuff: Taurine, Caffeine, Guarana



 It’s liquid freakin’ PEZ fruit salad!  Seriously, this stuff tastes like they took lemon, orange, and grape PEZ candy and liquefied them, then mixed them all together and added carbonation.  We are talking really bizarre here….but to be honest it’s actually kind of good.  It’s a bit hard for me to get past the fact I am ingesting the taste of PEZ without nearly decapitating some little plastic cultural icon and crunching down on a tiny brick of sugar…but there it is.  Now to get even stranger, some times the after tastes is EXACTLY like a bland orange.  It really seems like I just bit into a really crappy orange that was lacking on the sweet and tart….you know what I’m talking about.  If you ever played little league sports and some soccer mom brought a bunch of oranges for you to eat at half time you probably remember getting one or two pieces of orange that tasted like someone had sucked all the flavor out…and that’s what I’m getting here on occasion.  In a way I understand it as it does taste like orange, lemon and grape PEZ all blended together…but at the same time it seems really out of place because I can almost taste the seeds.  This stuff is the flavor equivalent to watching The Muppet Show on acid….and you know what, I think is pretty nifty.

  Ok, so the power is nothing to write home about, but it does get the job done.  It’s about average, maybe a bit more so than the other stuff out there so you’ll know what to expect when you pop open a can.  Since it tastes pretty good on a hot day I’d definitely be up for grabbing a can before I head out to kick a ball around or play a round of disc golf…and given the fact that it’s only $1.00 a can, you can grab to and have enough energy for an entire afternoon.  Drinking two back to back gets you wired far more so than a Red Bull, or even a Monster…and for the same price (actually maybe even a bit less as it seems the giant energy drinks out there are now starting to get priced at $2.50.)

  Anyway, the Rip It line has been a pretty solid showing for 16oz energy drinks, and an exceptional showing for budget drinks…it’s really hard to beat something that tastes pretty good, works pretty well, and costs half as much as drinks that are 50% their size.  Don’t be afraid to pick up a can if you stumble across it…