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Hansen’s Energade

Cost: $3.00 23.5 oz

Taste: 7

Power: 6

The good stuff: Taurine, Caffeine, Ginseng



16.oz sports drink, 8oz energy drink….that’s what the label states anyway.  What we have here is another bastard child in energy drink form.  Hansen’s Energade is one weird puppy for sure….tasting like an Orange Gatorade spin off (with just a hint of maybe mango, and even banana at some points) combined with a not so good energy drink, it kind of sits in a world all its own.  Over all the drink goes down really easily…just like a good sports drink should, but there is something odd about the flavor…something a bit bitter in the back of it all.  While it’s not exactly distracting or unbearable, it’s definitely there, but does disappear bit by bit with each drink.  After about a third of the can you almost totally forget it was ever there and you are left with an OK orange sports drink.  At that point it reminds me a lot of the ones you would get in little packets to add in to your 16oz water bottles…the cheaper alternatives to Gatorade.  To be honest, this stuff is actually really drinkable…as I said before it goes down really easily and really doesn’t taste all that bad.  While it’s nothing that I’m going to search out for its flavor it’s definitely something I would bring along with me during a soccer game, or day out playing disc golf.

  The power of the drink is about equal to most of the other 8oz drinks out there…pretty average.  It’s not going to keep you awake for hours, or necessarily wake you up in the morning, but it will give you a slight pick up.  The thought of a caffeinated drink made exclusively for athletics is a bit odd.  Caffeine in not exactly an athletes best friend, but if it came between downing a Sobe No Fear, or an Adrenaline Rush, I’d probably go with this one just for the sole fact that it is an actual sports drink first.

  Overall, it’s definitely one to look out for if you are an athlete…hell, like Orange Gatorade it would probably make a pretty damn good Vodka mixer as well!