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Crunk Energy Drink

Cost: $1.99 8oz

Taste: 7.5

Power: 7

The good stuff: Guarana, Skull Cap, White Willow, Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Inositol, Green Tea Leaf


I’ve been looking for Crunk for quite a while now but it was constantly eluding me.  I’d get a tip on where I could find it, go there only to hear that it was no longer being carried, or it was sold out.  Being sold out is usually a pretty good sign, but not being stocked anymore is usually a pretty bad one…taking that into consideration I really had no idea what to expect from this stuff.  For the most part all the reviews I had seen in the past for Crunk had all been REALLY good, so I was really looking forward to giving it a shot….but then again most places give a pretty good review of MDX and over all I though it was about as OK a drink as you can get. So yeah…. I’ve been bitch slapped around by high expectations in the past.

  While Crunk is not the amazingly perfect drink I have read about, it is pretty damn good.  Initially there is a VERY noticeable bitter taste (much like what you would find in a can of Diablo energy drink) but after a few sips your taste buds pretty much mask it out.  The bulk of the flavor you get from Crunk is kind of what I have described in the past as a cherry Sweet Tart taste…kind of on the lines of Red Jak.  There is a slight hint of vitamins mixed in but it’s not really strong enough to off set the base flavor….more like just enough to make it a bit different.  Basically without the bitterness and the vitamin you’d have just another cherryish energy drink, so overall these three actually work together quite well.  The biggest problem I see is that the initial bitterness kind of puts you off.  If you are not a big energy drink fan that first one or two sips might be enough to make you pass the can on and never touch the stuff again.  It’s kind of odd to think that a drink like this actually has to “warm up” to your taste buds, but I actually find that a lot with energy drinks…they usually taste a lot better after a few sips when your brain has learned to concentrate on the good stuff and simply block out the flavors that are to strong or unpleasant to you.  Hard to believe that my brain can actually do more than keep my lungs moving and heart pumping, but hey sometimes the gerbil on the wheel has a good day, sometimes he has a bad day…

  Power wise Crunk is pretty effective.  While I was not wired or jolted awake, I was very alert and responsive (which is odd seeing as how it contains 100mg of caffeine).  Basically, it woke me up pretty steadily….not with the typical jarring of many other drinks out there.  Crunk kind of gently opened my eyes and got me going which is EXACTLY what I needed.  Some days you want to slowly throttle up, other days you want a fork in an electrical socket kind of jolt to get you wired (I like to think of that event as an early electrical experiment more than youthful stupidity)….products like this definitely have a place on my early morning drink list.

  Over all Crunk is definitely worth a shot….if it was not for that initial odd bitter taste I would have definitely rated it higher on the taste scale, but as it sits it’s still a pretty good drink.


Lil' Jon says Crunk is OKAAAAAAAAAY!